Going back in time...

Working on digital promotion videos often leads us to research on behalf of our clients, this time it was a hairdressing salon in Shoreditch. Fashion or anything related to visuals always takes me back to my days working as a scout for a model agency – trends never leave you and there are still times when even today I can meet a young girl and think, you could be a model.

Some 20 or so years later in a completely different industry (investment banking), i'm arranging graphic layout and content with an investment banker from Singapore who was stunning – I mean model stunning complete with the height, which is very unusual.

So, I jokingly mentioned that she could leave all this investment banking malarkey and sign up with Models One, she looked totally perplexed and said "I've invested too much time and education into this 'malarkey' to do anything different now", so I smiled and turned away, but she looked quizzical almost as if a seed had been planted.... who knows?

Have a great day!

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