the importance of visual imagery

So, you look GOOD, smell SMART have your KILLER presentation READY but you feel like absolute T.U.R.D, because you have a terrible winter cold!

Well, we've all been there before... the new client to impress, a business changing pitch to present, a video to run through.... not good when you have no choice but to deliver the goods on time and on point!

This is when we need our pitch to 'speak' for us. Our brains respond to and process images 60,000 times more efficiently than text. Also, 90% of information transmitted through the brain is visual (actual figures from Thermopylae, Sciences & Technology,

15 September, 2004).

Using the right imagery in your presentations allows the story to develop and flow, enabling your viewers to relate and focus on the visual narrative. Here's a recent example of the power of imagery.

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